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Best Self

Gain life skills and energy healing
to always be your best you.

Hi, my name is Abelene Hu

I am Transformative Coach.  I integrate positive life skills and wellbeing techniques including aromatherapy in my practice for positive change.

My aim is to promote mental wellness and emotional wellbeing, to help others overcome what I went through.

In corporate programmes, I conduct experiential sessions to help attain ROI from human capital. Positive life skills based on Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Aromatherapy are shared with hands-on practice. These skills include mindfulness, positive thinking, and techniques to manage stress and negative emotions.

In one-to-one personal coaching sessions, these practical life skills and Energy Healing are integrated for a comprehensive approach to personal transformation.

I have also created the Mi Scents™ aromatherapy line of essential oil blends to support everyday wellbeing of my participants and clients by bringing about instant relief as they navigate the challenges of each day.

I am credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation having completed over 180 coaching hours. I am also certified in the Heal Your Life® coaching curriculum and the Medical Intuition System™. 

Intuitive Life Coach Abelene Hu

"Abelene is a powerful coach

who is a great listener and has clarity in her communication. Her listening creates a safe space for me to be vulnerable and express myself freely with no judgements. She is astute in identifying root causes and provide numerous tools for me to work with. Abelene cares deeply for her clients. There are times when Abelene extends the session just so I can get my breakthrough. Through the sessions, I have come to be at peace with myself, have clarity in mind and freedom to create the life I have always wanted.” 

Y.S. Tan

Healing your whole self

Taking care of all aspects of the self to reach alignment within.

Self Esteem​


Life Purpose


What I do

From self-transformation through new life skills, improving employee wellbeing, to uplifting emotions with essential oils.

I Coach.

Sharing practical life skills that are easy to apply.

I Train.

Bringing positivity to the workplace to improve productivity.

I Uplift.

Soothing with essential oil blends to lift emotions.

Need someone to talk to?

Free consultations are available. Share the issues you are facing, know why it is happening to you, and how it can be resolved. 

My Blog

In these posts, I share insights and tips, including methods I use to overcome struggles that I face (yes, a life coach is still human 🙂

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