August 2016

Are you your own bully?

“As much as we try to deny it, we are our toughest and strongest bullies. We beat ourselves up and put ourselves down.” This was disclosed by Darren Tay, a 27-year-old Singaporean lawyer who recently won the Toastmasters International world champion of public speaking in August. He spoke about how to “Outsmart, Outlast” your inner …

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How do you overcome setbacks?

The audience gasped as he suddenly shuddered. The Prime Minister of Singapore stopped mid-sentence while delivering his annual address to the nation this past Sunday (20 Aug 2016). After about an hour, he came back on stage. He continued his speech, though truncated. Us common folk would have put ourselves first and just headed straight …

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Why does one employee performs better than another?

In the last post, we explored the signs of a “working dead” employee. In this post, we examine what creates a sleepwalking staff. It is true that company culture and HR policies do impact employee motivation and engagement. However, with external work conditions, incentives and environment being the same, why do some employees outperform others? …

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Are you a Working Dead?

Singapore is infested with “working dead”. More than half of businesses identify that they have “zombie employees” in their midst. They are physically at work but are “mentally checked out and sleepwalking” through the day. Are you one of these working dead? If so, how does this affect you? Let’s first recognise the 5 signs …

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We are all Olympians

We are all Olympians when we will our minds to. Thoughts, though silent in your head, is powerful enough to make or break you. Reading about how Singaporean rower Saiyidah has powered herself through to Rio with a list of positive affirmations, I feel heartened to know that the techniques I teach are truly effective. …

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Have an Attitude for Gratitude

Tip for self: Saying “thanks” before you even received something means you are laying your claim on it. List out what you would like to have and give thanks already! Have a good weekend!   Image credit:  

Do You Fear Failure?

I did. Maybe I still do. Traumatic memories of my teenage nervous breakdown were triggered while watching Michelle Obama give her last commencement speech as the first lady of US. Speaking to the graduating class of City College in New York, she recounted her experiences as a dean of a college. The students there came …

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