A word a day keeps the doctor away

A word a day keeps the doctor away

This is week 8 since 2017 started. How has it been for you? Honestly, I felt panicked and tentative when the new year came. What am I going to do this year? I hope I accomplish something. Do you feel this way too?

I am into the 3rd year of life coaching and corporate training. They say most businesses need 3 years before they take off. I am feeling an unspoken pressure to succeed this year. When I first started out, I told myself “no deadlines”, I am dedicating my life to this, however long it takes. Just lessons, no failures. My gifts and skills are valid even though I may be new in the industry. As long as I do everything from a space of love, I am safe.

From a space of love is where I started to create daily Word For Today posts since 1st February that I share on social media. I meditate and ask what is the word that everyone needs to know for that day. I then sift through over 60,000 pictures captured by my globetrotting uncle to find the perfect image to best convey the word. After, I go into a graphics programme to select a suitable font to depict the word. Then, save, upload, write.

The write-up that accompanies each word is messages that I receive from my inner guidance. Each post is dated but the content is relevant for any day. Every post includes a positive affirmation to highlight the essence of the word. Do create your own affirmations. It is much more powerful when they are personal.

If the above process I just described sounds like a lot of work, you may ask me why even do it especially since I do not earn from it. I enjoy it. In creating them, I learn. The messages are for you as well as for me.

These images captured by my uncle that I find amazing never see the light of day. He prefers to keep these photographic conversations as file types in a mega hard disk drive. I think they are too beautiful to remain hidden. I hope I do them justice with this.

I now admire artists who have the courage to put their work out there. They do it not for acknowledgement nor applause, but because of passion. It is still daunting though, to me at least, to put your heart out there.

When any of the posts lightens you, do share out if you think it can help others. Share out on your fb page or in a private message. If you appreciate them, do let me know too by liking them. It gives me the energy and encouragement to continue. Thank you for your support.

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