The Tao of TEA-EN™:

The Path To Your Power

You are at your full power when you have maximum energy flowing through you. 

This is attained when energetic blocks are cleared and energy is channelled to thinking positive thoughts, feeling positive emotions and doing positive actions.

The inter-related components of thoughts (T), emotions (E), actions (A) and energy (EN) form TEA-EN. 

This sounds like “tian” 天, sky in Chinese, as the sky is the limit to what you can create. 

The Tao of TEA-EN process features practical Positive Thinking techniques and Energy Psychology modalities.

Thoughts (T)

When you are facing a difficult situation, the common advice you might receive is “just think positive!” But how?

Everything starts with a thought. Thoughts affect how you feel, what you say, and eventually what you do, and ultimately, the reality of your life.

The average person thinks about 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. What is the majority of your thoughts – positive or negative?

You have the power to control the quality of your thoughts. Your mind is a muscle. It can be trained to create positive thoughts to manifest positive realities for you.

Emotions (E)

Emotions =  Energy in Motion.

Emotions need movement as outlets for expression. If emotions are negative and stored within you and not expressed, this negative energy can either implode and lead to psychosomatic ailments, or explode and affect others around you – like rage. The key is to learn how to release negative emotions safely without hurting yourself and others. At the same time, you can uplift your emotions through aromatherapy (Mi Scents™) or music.

Actions (A)

How do you feel when you put on a stunning dress or a power suit? How do you feel after a yoga session or a workout at the gym? For those who meditate, how do you feel after?

Physical actions such as these can shift our frame of mind and lift our moods. If we just sat there to think and feel positively, and not to move to do anything, the realities we wish to live in would not become real. As we engage in more activities that raise us up, our way of thinking and overall emotions would also elevate to a positive state where we feel empowered.

Energy (EN)

As human beings, we are driven by energy, affected by energy and made up of energy too. Our brain requires energy to think, our heart requires energy to feel and our body requires energy to “work”.

Feeling drained, frustrated, low and lost could be a sign of energetic blocks. These are caused by unresolved issues, which are a result of negative thoughts, toxic emotions and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Energy Psychology methods are used to clear these energetic blocks. These are a range of psychotherapeutic techniques that work directly on the body’s bioenergy field like meridians and chakras. Energy is then better channelled to create positive thoughts, evoke uplifting emotions and drive self-enhancing actions. This in turn fuels the flow of energy through you to reach a state of pure positive power.

Pure Positive Power

You reach the point of pure positive power when thoughts, emotions and actions are positively aligned, and energetic blocks cleared.

When you have mastery of your thoughts, emotions, actions and energy, you are connected to who you are, clear about why you are here and confident about what to do. You reach a state of overall wellbeing, living your true purpose in love, joy and peace. 


How did The Tao of TEA-EN come into being? Read its origin story here.

My Story

About Me

Hi, my name is Abelene. I am a multi-disciplinary coach who has guided the transformation of my clients by addressing the mental, emotional, physical and energetic aspects of the self.


My Previous Life

I become a life coach to share what I learned during my journey out of depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, weight and relationship issues, and even a suicide attempt.

After about 10 years in the workforce in corporate marketing, I began to feel unhappy at work, isolated in relationships and unfulfilled in life. I had turned into a toxic employee and was retrenched from my job. I was on antidepressants and did not want to be dependent due to its side effects. I knew that I had to change.

My Transformation

I explored alternative healing methods. This included Energy Psychology like Geobiology and the Medical Intuition System™ for which I became certified in both.
At this time that I discovered a life coaching curriculum called “Heal Your Life”. It is a Positive Psychology programme from the US based on the philosophy and practical techniques of self-development pioneer, Louise L. Hay. This began my transition into a new career path.

My New Life

I now specialize in Positive Psychology and Energy Psychology. I guide clients to harness the power of their thoughts, emotions, actions and energy to create the life they want. Through my own experience, I find combining practical life skills with energy balancing methods to be the key to sustainable and successful transformation. Using this approach, I have helped my clients to shift from where they were to where they would like to be.

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