Hi, I am Abelene. I am a life coach to help those who want to overcome their inner struggles and pain so they can live a life they truly wish with a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

If you are feeling lost, empty or numb, I am here to guide you through a healing journey so you can find a newfound sense of joy and fulfilment.

Maybe you feel heavy or aimless. You wake up every day and just go through the motions. You start the next day feeling as if you have to do it all over again, like a lifeless cycle.

Maybe your relationship with your partner, children, or parents is strained and you can’t find the energy to smile.

Maybe you find you’re always stressed. You’re emotionally-eating and irritable all the time and don’t know why.

It’s a big step to recognise and admit these feelings to yourself. You are not alone in this. I can help you through it.

As a life coach, I will accompany you in your search to claim your place in this life. You will gain clarity, confidence and contentment along the way.

It starts by going within and it is my mission to help you through so you can create a beautiful and fulfilled life.