About Abelene Hu

My Story

I became a life coach to share what I have learned from my journey out of depression.

Depression disrupted my life in so many ways. It affected my mood, my behaviour, and my relationships.

I do not know the exact causes. It was a complex mix of issues that started from young. From low self-esteem and anxiety attacks, to poor body image and communication breakdown in relationships.

What I do know for sure is how devastating depression can be. It led me to wanting to end my own life.  

Saved in the nick of time, it became a wakeup call and turning point in my life.

My Previous Life

I began to feel lost, soulless and unfulfilled after working in the corporate world for about ten years. I also started to feel isolated in relationships with my family and friends. I knew that I was not happy, but did not realise that I was feeling sad or was depressed. I felt that there was no way out and decided to give up. This led to a  suicide attempt that failed. 

My parents did the only thing they knew then, which was to arrange for a psychiatrist. I was immediately put on antidepressants.  I no longer felt that “low” low. Neither did I feel that high that I thought drugs were supposed to give you. Instead, I felt irritable and easily angry. It seemed to be giving me the very problems that I was trying to treat.

It was only when a close friend alerted me to the side effects of the anti-depressants that I decided to stop the pills and find other ways to heal myself. 

My Transformation

Since mainstream medicine seemed to do more harm than good, my alternative was, well, alternative medicine. Energy Medicine to be precise. I explored a range. From the ancient Chinese metaphysics of Feng Shui to SCIO bio-feedback therapy and Kinesiology, to Geobiology and the Medical Intuition System™, the latter two I became certified in.

After being cleared of energetic blocks, I chanced upon the Heal Your Life® life coaching method. It is a Positive Psychology programme based on the philosophy and techniques of self-development pioneer Louise L. Hay. I thus began my journey as a certified life coach.

Through working with my initial clients, I discovered that combining energy healing with the practise of positive life skills made the self-transformation process more efficient and effective. I so became an intuitive life coach. 

My Credentials

Bachelor of Psychology & Commerce, The University of Melbourne

Certified Heal Your Life® Life Coach

Certified in the Medical Intuition System™

Get In Touch

Consultation is free. Drop me a line and share with me the issues you are facing, the objectives you would like to reach, and I will propose an approach with solutions.