Coaching involves personalised sessions designed to close the gaps and reach your goals so you revive the power in your life again.

An intuitive life coaching programme follows The Tao of TEA-EN approach that features practical life skills and energy balancing techniques.


Energy Mapping

Clearing Energetic Blocks

Negativity Management

Merging positive energy with practical life skills


Clearing of:

  • Negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • Toxic emotions like fear, anger and criticism
  • Self-sabotaging habits
  • Energetic blocks from unresolved issues

Learning to:

  • Master your mind
  • Evoke positive emotions
  • Practice self-enhancing habits

Receiving of:

  • Empowerment to continue the journey on your own until you reach your goals.
  • Clarity about who you are and what you want to achieve.
  • Confidence that you are able to achieve it.

Coaching Process

Step 1:

Free Consult

Find out how coaching is like and customise a programme to reach your goals

Step 2:


Learn life skills for positive thoughts, emotions and actions with clearing of energetic blocks

Step 3:

Review & Improve

Follow-up calls and themed group workshops for your continual growth

Coaching Formats



In person whenever available in your country.



For families, or a group with same desired outcomes. Eg, weight management



Coaching and energy-clearing sessions are conducted over Skype if you are located in another country or if requested.


“Sheer divinity brought me to Abelene’s workshop. She is beautifully human, very real and relatable and has such a light energy about her. She really makes the learning, the discovering, and walking with your shadow feel like a joyous reality! You feel respected, supported and safe at every step of the way, which is important. She makes you feel comfortable and has no judgement, just care and love.”
– Ms P Ng, Writer –

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