Intuitive Life Coaching

A life coach is like a guide sharing tips, tricks and techniques for self-transformation.

An intuitive life coach includes holistic methods to bring about change on a deeper level.

In my life coaching practice, I integrate both practical life skills and energy healing methods. 


How is the process like?

Step 1: Free Consultation

This complimentary 30-min phone or video call is for you to find out if you are comfortable with me, and for me to find out if I am able to help. 

Step 2: Basics

We will establish goals, identify root causes to issues, learn basic life skills, and clear any energetic blocks during in-person or online sessions.

Step 3: Growth

Email support between sessions to track progress and address any challenges, and free follow-up session 6 months after last session.

What methods are used or taught?

Positive Thinking​

“Just think positive!” That’s the common advice we receive. But how? Change limiting beliefs and flip that lack or poverty mindset through written exercises. 

Emotional Regulation

Learn techniques to control anger on the spot and safely release it and other negative emotions like sadness, fear and stress that can affect our mood, sleep, behaviours, performance and relationships. 


Think about nothing. Yes, this will be taught. Non-religious practices that can be done on the go for as little as five minutes will shared to silence the active mind and clear out noise for clarity and peace.


The power of the imagination to bring about manifestations is backed by both Law of Attraction and Neuroscience – all the more to know how to do it, effectively. 

Guided Awareness​

Different guided awareness scripts for different purposes – from forgiveness, anger release, to identifying your life purpose, will be conducted depending on needs. 

Intention Setting​

Set effective goals. “Effective” being the key word. Discover which goals are aligned to what our heart, mind and soul wants so dreams can be attained. 


Traumas are sometimes experienced on the subconscious level, making it hard to articulate and resolve. Through attunement, hurts are identified and cleared without having to talk about it.

Energy Healing​ / Remote Reiki

Just like how we would instinctively put our hands on where it hurts thinking touch could heal, reiki focuses that healing intent on the pain and this can be done remotely as energy traverses across space. 

Energy Clearing​

Energy clearing involves the removal of energetic blocks caused by traumas that affects our ability to connect with our true self, with others and with the universe at large. 

Referees & Testimonials

My clients are available to share their experiences upon request. Just drop me a line here

“Abelene is an amazing life coach! I could sense that she cares deeply about her students, and is always trying to help.  She did a body diagnostics of me and suggested that a combination of clearing of energetic blocks and life skill coaching be adopted. Abelene used her intuitive energy to clear the blocks in my body and taught me some life skills to cope with the stresses I experienced in my life. After the sessions, I felt energised. The unknown sorrow that I had felt for the past months gradually disappeared, just like how dark clouds would clear after a thunderstorm.”

J Lee

“Through the sessions, Abelene was always very encouraging and non-judgmental. I talked through the hurt feelings, and together we reflected upon the events. Through questioning and reflection, we got to the underlying reasons why I had those negative feelings and actions. Abelene taught me exercises to channel the bad energy out of my body, have closure, and end the cycle of such bad situations repeating. After the sessions, I always felt very motivated and comforted. Letting go of decades of hurt, anger and resentment does not happen overnight, and I am so happy to see my marked progress from the first time I met her till a year later. I am so much brighter and happier in my heart, and I am so thankful for Abelene’s guidance.”

J Wong

“Abelene is very patient during the sessions to coach and guide me. The sessions were filled full of energy and lots of love. Before I started on my life transformation journey, I felt loss and clueless on certain things happening in life. During the sessions, I experienced lightness in the body and mind. I began to practice positive affirmation and self-love. After the sessions, I started to see life more positively and I’m still practising and exploring. Abelene still stays in touch even after the sessions. Abelene, all I can say is thank you so much <3 “

U Tanabalan

Get In Touch

Consultation is free. Drop me a line to share the issues you are facing, and I will propose an approach with solutions.