Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021?

2020 pulled the rug from under our feet, and this is an understatement.

We might have lost our balance, however, I believe we have not lost our bearings.

The greetings going around so far is for a better 2021. The desire for all things to be well is a strong positive intent to guide decisions.

Hopes for 2021

It goes without saying that the greatest hope is for COVID-19 to just end. Like right now.

Lives and livelihoods have been lost and disrupted.

Relationships have been forcibly torn apart by travel restrictions, or came undone on its own by irreconcilable differences unravelled during isolation.

I hope that the lessons 2020 have been forced upon us will be learned, that the opportunities created would be reaped, and the improvements made would continue.

Fears for 2021

What if, just what if, 2021 becomes worse? Yes, how much more worse can it get than now? At the end of 2019, who would have thought 2020 would turn out like this?

I have heard of conspiracy theories that COVID-19 was planned. The powers that be created this problem to decimate the world population to a manageable size, and then impose a totalitarian regime. If this is true, I suppose the worst is yet to come.

To Hope or To Fear? 

From a metaphysical perspective, the law of attraction manifests what is given out. The more we give thoughts and feelings to a particular situation, be it ideal or dreaded, the possibility of it becoming a reality is increased.

From a neuroscience perspective, once an emotion is frequently felt, it becomes the habitual emotion that then becomes difficult to break off from. Frequent feelings of fear can cause stress to the body – mental worries, emotional unease and physiological tension. Hope alleviates fears and helps maintain focus.

The Way Forward

Fear is one of those funny feelings that does not dissipate like anger or sadness. It stays with you. The trick is to not let it build up and overwhelm us. There are quick and easy fear management techniques.

Whenever I panic or feel anxious, I do two things to manage fear:

1. I tune into how I am feeling. I allow myself to feel all the feelings within, however chaotic, so they are not trapped within, but felt and released. Better out than in. 

2. I then feel how I would like to feel instead. Vibrationally, that is what I am giving out to receive. Neurologically, I am retraining my brain to feel otherwise.

Come What May

My deepest belief is that everything happens for a reason, otherwise there is no reason for it in happening at all.

My faith holds that everything happens for the highest good – whatever that may mean – yes, even the toughest lessons.  

Be prepared for all possible eventualities while keeping your hopes aloft.

Thank you and goodbye 2020. 

2021, I am ready for you. 

Abelene Hu is an Intuitive Life Coach. She combined practical life skills and energy healing methods to improve personal and employee wellbeing. She found this integrative approach to be effective in her journey out of depression and decided to share with others. Find out more, or arrange for a free consultation here: