When you attain pure positive power, you will have the energy within you to succeed at work and in life.

Based on positive psychology principles, these customised programmes feature experiential-based learning on how managing thoughts, emotions and actions can improve organisational performance and your wellbeing.

Corporate Programmes

Is this what is running through the minds of your employees?

As supervisors, employers and HR professionals.
One of the ways to help your employees be fully present at work and perform at their best is to equip them with skills that empower them.

Overcome limiting beliefs and think positively

Manage stress with mindfulness exercises

Release negative emotions safely without affecting themselves or others

Employees can learn easy and effective methods to:

Uplift with positive emotions with the use of aromatherapy

develop self-enhancing lifestyle habits in areas like nutrition, fitness and aesthetics

Programmes are designed to meet your organisational objectives. They can be run around your schedule with one-day, two-day and lunchtime session formats.

Bring your company to another level. Shift your employees from where they are at now to the best that they can be.


“We would like to express our appreciation to you for facilitating an engaging and interesting workshop titled “Happiness At Work” for all our colleagues. They learned how easy it is to change a negative thought into a positive one with some of the simple tips which you had shared. We could immediately see the difference in our colleagues whom many have begun to show more positivity in their areas of work.We would recommend this workshop to any organizations that want to see a positive change in their employees’ mindsets. We had an enjoyable time and learnt a lot of practical tips which we can apply at work and at home.”

– Muhd Irfan Noor Rahman, National Institute of Education (Singapore)


Talks are conducted on request and provides you with an informative session. They are specially customised for your audience to meet your objectives. they include motivating teams, guidance on goal setting, developing a positive outlook, inspiring action and empowering transformation. 

All sessions include real life practical techniques that will give your audienc the ability to transform the way they work and live. Sessions run from 60-150 mins.

public workshops

These transformative group workshops are themed around the key topics of Self, Relationships, Life Purpose and Abundance. In these sessions, you will learn practical skills to improve your energy through practical life skills and reach the goals you aspire to attain in these areas. Join us for our next workshop or contact me to conduct talks at your next meeting or event!

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