“Yes, I Can!” Wednesdays Workshops @ SoulFit Studios

Wednesdays Workshops @ SoulFit Studios

Join me every Wednesday evening at SoulFit Studios where I will guide you on how to transform your life to live with clarity and purpose.

Based on the 5 Steps to Self Mastery programme that I have created, I will help you identify the blocks you are facing in life now and teach you practical techniques on how to overcome them.

SoulFit Studios is a gym for your mind, body and soul. You get to learn mindfulness techniques, build your resilience and develop your personal and professional growth.

You gain unlimited access to over 50 workshops and enjoy special rates for 1-on-1 personal sessions and masterclasses with your membership.

SoulFit is at 30A Pagoda Street (above TinTin shop), at the footsteps of Chinatown MRT. Check out SoulFit here and secure their pre-launch offer now! http://www.soulfitme.com/

Claim your free 3-day pass here: http://www.soulfitme.com/3-day-promo

Interested in finding out more? Drop us a message here!