What I Will Do If I Have Depression Again

October 10 is World Mental Health Day and that got me thinking about depression – about my own depression. I don’t know if I am truly cured of it because only time will tell. If I were to sink into it again, hopefully I will be better equipped. I thought about how I will deal with it this time and I came up with some strategies.

If you are unaware that you have been feeling low for such a long time that it is becoming to feel natural, I hope this wakes you. Or if you know someone who has been withdrawing away from you, I hope this gives some guidance to help that precious life.

I don’t honestly know if I have truly gotten out of depression or have completely overcome depression. I can’t be sure that I won’t ever feel low again. In fact, I am very sure I will feel low again. Life will bring you events that will bring you down, like deaths, losses, disappointments, mistakes and rejections.

At least now I know how not to be stuck feeling low for too long. I have learnt mental and emotional release techniques that I help myself with. Previously, I didn’t and so I sank, spiralled and attempted suicide. I thought it was just me at my natural state because I have been feeling like this for as long as I can remember. I thought feeling low and thinking negative is a fixed disposition that I am born with, which added to me feeling like a hopeless basket case. Now, I am applying self-help methods on myself and even sharing it with others.

I know now too that I have to be the one to raise my hand up and ask for help if I feel I have been sinking for too long (because no one can feel how you are feeling). They say that psychiatrists see other psychiatrists, and so do I. I get coached so I can be a better coach and, hopefully, a better person.

I am also absolutely resolute this time that no matter how bad it gets, there will be no anti-depressants involved. Artificial impure chemicals messing with the neurotransmitters in my head is a big NO NO. I felt in my own personal experience with taking these drugs was that it gave me the very problems I was trying to treat. I will try out all alternative methods even if it sounds bizarre until there is no more to try. All I need to know is that it works. I don’t need to know how it works (unless I am a curious quantum physicist).

I realised it is okay and perfectly fine to feel low. It is only when it goes on for too long that it becomes dangerous. The worst ending to depression is suicide and here’s hoping it will be an unsuccessful one.


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