Stop Struggling and Listen To The Lessons

This past week has been a struggle for me. As you know, I am trying to organise a workshop for next weekend. Yet I am receiving dismal responses. Is there something wrong with me?

I know for sure it is not about the quality of the workshop. I know the workshop works. Every participant has a positive feedback about it. In fact, it was because I saw the immediate impact it had on participants in my very first workshop that I decided to give up my iron rice bowl for this. So much for wanting to help.

Honestly, I felt like giving up. This whole thing. Organising this workshop, however well-meaning, has been pressurising, nervewracking and draining. From giving numerous free talks to drum up interest, to crafting, designing, posting marketing materials has taken its toll. Not to mention the stress of sourcing a venue not knowing if you would have enough pax to secure it before the confirmation deadline. It is a crushing defeat.

I am not one to handle setbacks well. I beat myself up real good. One night before bed, I made a demand to God (or Universe or whatever name for the unnamed one).  I told Him/Her/It that if there were no plans for me, then don’t let me wake up. I will be a waste of space, let some other soul have my spot. I woke. Shell-shocked, so what now?

I am a teacher of positive thinking after all so I have to walk the talk. I quietened my mind to reflect on the lesson from this experience.

I serve better in one-on-one sessions. The workshop is helpful. In a personal session, I can go beyond the exercises in the workshop to render more exacting help. I can apply all the techniques I have learned and used to help myself to whenever a client needs it. It includes practical skills based on the work of self-help pioneer Louise L. Hay, Aromatherapy, Medical Intuition System and Human Design.

I feel excited now by this new focus. It allows me to fully and freely express my skills and abilities.

I am grateful now for the struggle. Thanks to it, I now have clarity on how I can better serve.

Here is presenting to you my life coaching offerings: 

Life Coaching Offer 2016

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