Want to Heal the World?

“Why do I always seem to attract negative people?”, a participant asked me this question after a recent talk. I would like to expand this to include negative situations as well.

What we give out we attract. This is the basic law of attraction. We cannot change other people. It may take many factors to change the situation around us. What we can control is what is within us. The only thing we can do, and the most important thing, is to release our own negativity – our limiting thoughts, toxic emotions and destructive behaviour. When we change inside, the people around us will respond to that change. Situations will start to shift on their own too.

We keep talking about wanting there to be light in the world. What we ignore is that to bring light into this world, we have to first overcome our own darkness. We get blinded by our own self-righteous indignation that we have learned it all – that others need to change, not me.

“Learning and growing is all part of our soul’s evolution” says Louise L. Hay, pioneer of the self-help movement. She is a prime example of this. She just turned 90 last week. In her 80s, she was learning how to change her handwriting. She is already Louise Hay, a world famous author-teacher. Hasn’t she already learned and taught all there is? What more in her needs to improve? Such is her quest to better herself with each and every breath she takes. I am personally inspired by her humility.

I have a workshop in mid Nov. I will be teaching lifelong skills that will help you to grow continuously with life. It is through your sharing and participation that I will also get to learn. I hope you can make it and be part of the change that this world needs. Thank you so much for that.

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